Fitbit Mobile

Fitbit looked to Lift to lead the product development efforts for their mobile web application. Lift specified the application’s feature set and coordinated efforts between the front-end visual designers and the back-end developers throughout the build. The application includes food logging, activity tracking, weight logging and top summary stats.

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Doodle 4 Google

Lift created a series of stop-animation videos featuring the finalists of Google’s student-focused Doodle 4 Google campaign. At the end of the videos, users could select their favorite doodle and they were directed to the campaign voting page.

Top Videos fan page

YouTube Top Videos

Lift Projects partnered with YouTube to help them bring their site’s video content to their fans on Facebook. The result was the Top Videos application.

“The app distills the enormous range of choices on its website into an immediately compelling video discovery experience.”

"The Best Facebook Page Strategies and the Pages That Use Them" - Inside Facebook
App Backr


As a wholesale marketplace for iPhone and iPad apps, AppBackr was faced with the challenge of communicating this novel concept to both application developers and potential investors.

Lift conducted a series of interviews with developers and investors to gain a better understanding of the marketplace. From this research we defined a series of design principles, and used these principles to re-design the purchase experience for potential investors. Our main challenge was presenting the user a lot of complex information in a simple and understandable way. The design accomplished this and helped improve investment click-throughs.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Lift worked closely with Google Chrome's Marketing Team to help them engage, inform and delight their existing Facebook fan-base with a series of innovative projects. The goals of this campaign were to collect learnings about what types of content are best received by Google Chrome fans on Facebook, to experiment with Facebook’s sharing mechanisms and engage Google Chrome fans with innovative uses of these mechanisms and to share our learnings from the campaign with the rest of the Google team to assist in future social marketing initiatives.

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